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Nov 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
: do a little math and calculate the food's energy density. try to stick to choices that amount to two or less grams. lettuce, apples, and broccoli are zero. salmon and guacamole are two. another way to add volume, add air. >> when you make a smoothy or a shake, you're whipping air into that. >> reporter: it's better to enjoy cotton candy than jelly beans or whipped butter rather than butter. >> that totally makes sense. >> reporter: cbs 5. >>> all right. big forecast for us right now. no pressure. >> with butter, not butter? >> whipped. >> so many folks want to get outside and work out after having that overindulgence of food. hope you enjoy it. weather conducive to get outside after. we're gonna be dry for the next several days. and we will likely be dryer than normal, the bay area the only place in the country forecast to be dryer than normal from december through february. that is our winter, folks. not the best news for skiers, but if you like sunshine, we'll be sunnier. as for tonight, watch out for some fog north of the golden gate. napa, 42. oakland, 48. redwood city, 46 de
Nov 26, 2012 11:00pm PST
that's okay. >> yeah, i enjoy it. i love my work. i don't feel that tired to put in that energy. >> it's her job to come up with these benefits. >> i'm special projects manager. and others have joked that it's i'm the happiness coordinator at ever note. i'm working to develop the corporate culture here and make it a very enjoyable wonderful place to work. >> one of the first things she did was start a program to reimburse employees their lease expenses for electric cars and since last fall 20 percent of ever note employee, 34 of them are taking part. >> they want to retain their people because it's people that are innovating. >> an hr consulting professors. she says employees respond to the perks but can become loyal to a company's culture. >> they are being very, very focused on i want to work in an organization that thinks like i do. that has smart people. that people that can inspire me. that i can learn from them. that they share my values. >> one thing ever note doesn't have, did you notice, no telephones on employee desks. to talk to a coworker the company wants you to act
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)